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For Parents / Caregivers

Patients with special needs

Dr. Nelson with special needs patient

The Center for Pediatric Dentistry provides expert, caring treatment for children with special needs through age 20. Our dentists and staff fully understand the demands of special-needs care, and we welcome these patients and their families.

Pre-Visit Questionnaire for Patients with Autism

This *questionnaire can be downloaded and completed before your child’s dental visit. Please send the completed form to:

The Center for Pediatric Dentistry
6222 NE 74th St, Seattle, Washington 98115

or  FAX: 206-543-0063

Our team will review it and use the information to prepare for your child’s visit.  *Please consult our email awareness page.

Special needs fact sheets

factsheet-iconFact sheets for 14 mild to moderate manifestations of special needs conditions have been developed for parents. Content for the fact sheets were developed by a group of experts affiliated with the University of Washington School of Dentistry and the Washington State Department of Health – Oral Health Program. Click here to see the fact sheets.

My Visit to the Dentist social story

Social stories were originally used by children with autism and related conditions, but can be helpful in explaining dental or medical procedures to all children. The social story demonstrates an activity in pictures so that it is easier for a child to understand. Working together with experts from the Seattle Children’s Hospital Autism Center we have created a social story for visiting The Center for Pediatric Dentistry. This story was based upon the Healthy Smiles for Autism document available free from the National Museum of Dentistry for download below.

For children with autism

Healthy smiles for autism

The National Museum of Dentistry has created a new resource to help parents of children with autism spectrum disorders succeed in teaching good oral healthcare. Healthy Smiles for Autism (PDF) is available for free download. Learn more.