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About The Center

Dental surgical center

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The Center for Pediatric Dentistry includes a Dental Surgical Center (DSC) that allows many young patients to receive dental care under general anesthesia at their regular dental home. We also welcome patients from throughout the community who need pediatric dental surgery services.

“The Dental Surgical Center recognizes our region’s strong demand for pediatric dental surgery services and is meeting those needs through state-of-the-art technology and a staff that specializes in the latest procedures for children,” says Dr. Travis Nelson, Clinical Associate Professor and Clinical Director.

During a typical surgical visit patients and their families check in at The Center for Pediatric Dentistry’s front desk and are escorted into the Dental Surgical Center by a dental assistant, who records the patient’s height, weight and blood pressure and reviews pertinent information with the family. The dentist and the anesthesiologist then meet the family, explain the procedure and answer any questions. When the patient is brought into an operating room, family members make themselves comfortable in the bright waiting area.

After their procedure, patients are taken to a recovery room, where family members join them and receive post-operative instructions from the dentist and an update from the anesthesia team. Families exit via a private door to the parking lot.

“We are very pleased to welcome patients to our Dental Surgical Center,” says Dr. Nelson. “Our goal is to improve access to care by providing shorter wait times for surgery and offering financially feasible options in a safe, warm and friendly atmosphere.”

Anesthesia services are provided by Washington’s largest in-office general anesthesia provider, M2 Anesthesia.

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